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Type Area(sqm) Price(RMB)
Phase I,TypeS,V,T, 4Br 400 45000-47000
TypeE, 5Br 448 48000-50000
TypeB, 4Br 431 44000-46000
Phase II,TypeC, 4Br 438 46000-48000
TypeE1, 5Br 463 48000-49000
TypeE2, 5Br 467 48000-50000
TypeF, 6Br 709 70000-80000
Cathay View is strategically located in the North Eastern part of Chaoyang District, closest to Beijing's CBD and the airport expressway. It is located in ultimate proximity to the Western Academy of Beijing.
Cathay View is the first traditional Chinese-style high-end villa property in Beijing. The design combined with the comfort of a Western contemporary layout – a traditional dark red entrance gate, traditional windows in the surrounding walls, the typical pitch roofs of North China covered by cylindrical tiles, slightly slanted ridges, wall surfaces in the tones of local stones all add up to form an authentic cultural experience.
 Special Offer
Number Type Price(RMB)
000056 5 Br 48000 / 50000
000013 4 Br 57000 / 60000
000055 4 Br 58000 / 60000
City Beijing
Type Villa
Completion time 2005-12
Management Fee 10.00/sqm/month
TV Channel HBO, CNN, TV5, BBC, NGC, ESPN, Star Sports, Star Movies, KBS, Cinemax, etc.
Facilities Restaurant, Coffee shop, Bar, school, Shopping center, Basketball Court, Outdoor swimming pool, Tennis court.
Features * A Chinese courtyard design combined with the comforts of a western contemporary layout
* Near Western Academy of Beijing (WAB)
* Easy access to Airport Expressway and East 5th Ring Road
* 13500sqm Man-made central lake
* 3.8 meters high ceiling and 40 or 50sqm in living room
* 3 meters high wall surrounding the detached villa compound
To Airport
To Chang An Avenue
To Sanlitun