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Asset management refers to assets of their clients to the trustee, the trustee for the client by providing financial management. Clients can be individuals, but also institutions. There are some basic requirements: such as personal client should have full civil capacity; client from institutions is legally established and effective existence, at the same time it should has ownership of assets as a client. It is a new and exciting business founded with the aim of providing a dedicated Management Service to owners of Residential Investment Property.
The following is a summary of service area that are provided to our property owners.
Financial Management, Property Management, Report Service, Tenancy Matters Service, Asset Management Service fee including leased apartment, vacant apartment, renew lease agreement and others, Responsibility and Obligation, Transfer of Assets and Change, Contract Term, Responsible for Breach of Contract and Others.
1. Financial Management
  • Party A agrees and authorizes Party B, as Party A's Asset Manager, to collect and pay all the relevant fee including housing rental, security deposit, utility fee and management fee and other asset management fee; and pay taxes to Beijing Tax Bureau according to relevant regulations.
  • Upon receiving housing rental, security deposit, related asset management fee or other fee, Party B shall transfer the balance via bank to Party A's appointed account within 10 working days after receiving the related fee.
  • Party B shall make monthly report of overall revenue and expenditure and provide all relevant official receipts or proper payout receipts. Party B issues Debit Notice; records rental collecting and follows up with tenants' payment and issues Dunning Payment Notice under proper condition in order to reduce the possibility of late payment and collecting of arrearage
2. Property Management
  • Upon the handover of the property unit and receiving the written authorization from Party A, Party B is entitled to manage the authorized property on behalf of Party A according to the terms listed in the contract.
  • Party B can provide service of purchase of furniture, electric appliances and other article upon receiving Party A's written requirements including detailed article's category, specification, quantity and budget for all articles; and arrange the display of all purchased articles according to the display blueprint provided by Party A, all expenses related to the purchase of articles, including transportation fee will be born by Party A.
  • The detailed article list of the property unit including quantity and condition shall be kept by Party B and signed by tenant when checking in and out. In the meanwhile a copy of the list will be handed to Party A as reference.
  • Once the Lease Agreement is signed, Party b will provide service of collecting housing rental, security deposit, etc, on behalf of Party A during the whole leasing period. Party A shall provide Party B with a copy of the Lease Agreement and Letter of Authorization as proof. Upon the commencement and termination of the Lease Agreement, Party B shall help Party A with the handover of the property unit and be authorized with the following work:
    a. check and record property's condition;
    b. check, read and record all the untidily meters (water, electricity, etc) on the official check-out day;
    c. check and record all the equipment, facility and article list and condition, etc;
    d. take photos of the property unit, furniture and other required articles;
    e. record major expense bills
  • Upon the requirement by Party A and according to the Lease Agreement between Party A and tenant, Party B shall provide all service and help that is reasonable and related to the property unit such as the application of club house membership and renting of car park space.
  • Tenant shall provide a written notice if he/she wishes to terminate the Lease Agreement. Party B shall inform Party A within 2 working days after receiving the written notice and confirm if the security deposit is enough to pay for the rental so Party B can make the right decision in time.
3. Report service
Party B shall provide Party A with monthly financial report on 25th of each month,  including record of income and expenses, or monthly asset mangement report.



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