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1. Orientation: We not only focus on property hunting for our clients, we also provide our client with free orientation tours of Beijing whenever you use SION Realty to lease your Beijing house or apartment. We believe that through our orientation services, our clients will feel their move to Beijing is a pleasant experience, an enjoyable visit and a nice start of a new life.
2. Property Search: With more demand on professional information and analysis of the real estate market, our market research department specially focuses on collecting property information, valuating prices/rentals, and new opportunities, formulating questionnaires and conducting consumer surveys, analyzing the government policies and ecological situations.
3. After Sale Service: We believe that after-sales services are just as important as making the contract. We know that if you get excellent service, you will want to work with us again. We have an international standard after-sales service team to assist our clients.
4. The rental payment to hundreds of landlords is a big headache to our customers. Checking, Signing and chopping on piles of payment application forms and debit notes every month consumes lots of time and energy of Administrative and finance department. With SION Realty Payment management service your burden will be released immediately.
Entrusting letter (is a legal document which ensures the legal duties of landlord, SION Realty and you) reduce your legal risk。
5. Valued Added Services:With so many years of real estate experience, we have established a solid database containing all the information that expatriates may need during their stay in Beijing and this information will be available upon request.
◆ Medical check-up & Visa
◆ Work Permit & Residence permit
◆ Driving license & Bank Accounts
◆ Assistance with Pet Importation Process & Dog registration
◆ Information of Culture and Language courses & Introducing a maid, a driver
◆ Obtaining a mobile phone SIM card & Recommendation of travel agencies
◆ Ticket booking & Taxi booking service

1. Asset  Management
As one of the first property management companies in Beijing to represent property owners after the Chinese government opened the real estate market for sale to foreign buyers in 1993, we keep doing the best service for both property owners and tenants.
◆ Renovations, decorations, maintenance services
◆ Supervision of repair work to ensure the highest quality, products and services
◆ Cleaning services
◆ Purchasing of construction materials & appliances
◆ Payment reminder and checking
◆ Check out service including key delivery, furniture & appliances, utility & Telephone bill
◆ Valuation of the project, strategic plan of increasing portfolio of properties
◆ Emergency Support
◆ Tax and legal consultation
◆ Progress reports
2. Law Firm
SION has law firm for contract interviewing, in case there is a problem of getting back the deposit our law firm will help with the legal activity. Getting back the deposit usually isn't a problem.